Glorious Journey of K.D.O. in Hubli for 125 Years

General History :

Around 125 years ago our gnatijans begun to settle down in Hubli. Before that gnatijans had settled down in Nearby towns named Kumta & Gadag . the main attraction to gnatijans to settle down in Hubli was cotton business. Our gnatijans were commanding in this business. Raw cotton was packed in gunny bags and sent to Mumbai via sea route from Kumta as Mumbai was a textile hub at those times.

In the year 1893, the first railway line started in Hubli. It was economical to transport cotton to Mumbai via railway which made our gnatijans to shift to Hubli from Kumta. Ginnig and Pressing mills which started in Hubli resulted in more prosperity of the business.

History of our Temple :

The increasing KDO population in Hubli resulted in establishment of  KDO Mahajan in the year 1900 to carry out social , cultural and religious activities. In the year 1905 Gujrati school was established by our Mahajan to impart education in mother tongue. In the year 1908, Under the contribution of Shri Hirji Punja Luthia & Shri Manekji Pitambar Nagda and others Jinalay & Mahajan Wadi was constructed.

Initially, temple with mulnayak as Padam Prabhu Swami was constructed on Monday the 11th of May 1908. Due to some problems, Mahajan then installed Ajitnath dada as Mulnayak. This idol Of Shri Ajitnath was gifted by our Gnati Shiromani Seth Sri Narshi Natha Jain Derasar Naliya.

Social Contributions of our Mahajan:  

In the two Decades from 1925 – 1945 our gnati served a helping hand in building hospitals , schools & colleges. The Co-Operative Hospital of Hubli had a major contribution from Sri Manekji Pitambar Nagda & Sri Hirji Punja Luthia. The First Commerce college i.e. J.G. College of Commerce gained a contribution from velji Kanji Company and other community members. Our Mahjanwadi was the main centre  for freedom struggle from 1929 to 1932 wherein our gnatijan actively contributed. Sri Manekji Pitambar Nagda served as Govt. Nominee member in Hubli Muncipal Bureau. In Recent times , Our gnatijans also contributed in constructing modern Muktidham for carrying out final rites comfortably. Our gnatijans have also contributed to Cancer hospital & Vivekanand Hospital.

Kutchi Buildings & Other Kutchi Establishments :

In the year 1944, a 25 gunta land was purchased in J.C. Nagar. Due to Efforts from Shri Narayanji Kanji Nagda & Shri Raichand Ratanshi Lodaya Ajit Bhavan was constructed in 1954. Later on , in 1980 Kutchi House “A” Building was constructed and in year 1984 Kutchi House “B” was constructed. KDO Apartment was established in year 1993 & KDO Mansion was established in year 2003. These building suffice 63 united and happy families. For outstation guests arriving to Hubli mahajan has provided facility of Athithi Graha in the memory of Smt. Hiralaxmi Valji Momaya.  

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