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A Chaitya Paripati was organized by Hubli Mahajan after paruyushan in which 80 members participated. Two busses carrying 40 people each left Hubli on 09.09.2011 at 2:30 pm. And the busses where named as Bus1 & Bus2.

While Bus1 was always enjoying the stavans by Shri Abhaybhai Momaya & many others Bus2 was also enjoying the melodious Stavans by our evergreen Stavan Singer Shri Jayantbhai Nagda with his fingers playing nicely on the keyboard throughout the trip.
Bus1 was also always amazed by enjoying several games organized by Smt. Madhuben lodaya and Antakshari by Priyanka Momaya. Everyone participated in Games, Antakshari and other events.

Day 1: 09.09.2011

2 busses carrying 80 passengers started off at 2:30 from Mayfair after best wishes from rest of Mahajan. The busses reached Bagalkot Derasarji – Sri Vimalnath Bhagwan`s Derasar at 5:30. Everyone enjoyed darshan and aarti and also choviar at Bagalokt. We are thankfull to Bagalkot Mahajan for warm welcome and great preparation to serve us.
We traveled over night to reach Malkapur the next day.

Day2: 10.09.2011

The busses reached Malkapur at 11:30 am. followed by darshan vandan and lunch. After lunch, we were amazed by the Vyakhyan by Param Pujya Muniraaj Sri Devratnasagarji  Marasaheb. We are thankfull to Malkapur Mahajan for warm welcome and great preparation to serve us. We started off for Chopda at around 2:00 pm. With drizzles from the sky we reached Chopda at 6:00 pm. Enjoyed the darshan of temple and dadawadi we finished our choviar. Later, Param Pujya Sadhvisri Jaidarshitasriji Marasaheb gave a wonderfull vyakhayan and later Sadhvisri also requested Jayantbhai Nagda to sing a stavan for which Jayantbhai felt a great opportunity. The sangh hurried up and left Chopda to head towards Parola. The sangh reached parola by 11:00 pm and enjoyed the forty winks.

Day3: 11.09.2011

Parola is known for its wonderful cultural heritage. Everyone enjoyed the darshan, pooja and aarti. Later speeding up with the Navakarsi the sangh was all set for further travel. We are thankful to Parola Mahajan for warm welcome and great preparation to serve us.
The next destination was Chalisgaon. The sangh reached chalisgaon and bowed with respect to Sri Padmaprabhu Bhgawan. The sangh enjoyed  lunch and rushed up to hear vyakhyan by Param Pujya Sri Gunlaxmisriji. We are thankful to Chalisgaon Mahajan for warm welcome and great preparation to serve us. The sangh headed towards Devlali and reached there by 5:30 pm. The devlali Mahajan gave us a warm welcome and we finished with choviar. Everyone enjoyed the bhakti bhavna in derasarji were Jayantbhai Nagda, Hirachandbhai Dand and Virendrabhai Chheda chanted the stavans.

Day4: 12.09.2011

Devlali is blessed with chovmasa of ParamPujya Hansavalisri ji Maeasaheb. The sangh listened to the golden words by Sadhvisri and departed to head to Dharmchakra.  We are thankful to Devlali Mahajan for warm welcome and great preparation to serve us.
We reached Dharmachkra, finished the darshan vandan and also hurried up with the lunch. Everyone liked the silent and holy atmosphere of Dharachakra. After vandan to Sri Manibhadra veer the sangh headed towards Shahapur and reached there by 3:00 pm. Rains had now made their way from the sky and almost everyone was drenched in the drizzles. Soon after the darshan vandan of this great Tirth and after choviar , sangh started of for Talegaon - ParshwPadmalaye Tirth. Reaching there by 10:00 pm everyone enjoyed the forty winks.

Day5: 13.09.2011

After the darshan vandan , pooja, navkarsi of this giant Tirth the busses then headed towards Katraj. Everyone enjoyed the darshan at katraj and also finished the lunch. Very soon the sangh headed towards Shiroli. Shiroli`s derasar ji was a spectacular one. The derasar below the main derasrji was full of golden coloured walls, and each wall had a cultural designes signifying the teachings of Jainism. After the choviar the sangh held a small thanking ceremony. The drivers, helpers and all the sangh volunteers were thanked for their hearty contributions. “ This was my second sangh with KDO jain mahjan and I wish next time we take 4 more busses ” said Manjunath Banad - one of the drivers of KSRTC. As Shiroli was our last destination among tirths we later rushed and reached Hubli by 1:30 am.

The sangh was a memorable one with so many wonders all around. Many who were doing the sangh yatra for the first time promised for their regular attendance in such yatra. We once again thank Sri Jayantbhai, Dr. Madhuben, The Samaj Committee and samaj members at large without whose co-operation this sangh yatra wouldn’t be as successful as it was.

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