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Bone Density Camp
The month of July saw Mahila Hitwardhak Mandal, Hubli in a completely different light with the organizing of “ Bone Density Camp” for both men & Women Aged Above 35 Years. The Bone Machine, Not being available in Hubli, was brought from Bangalore and the camp was conducted by Dr. Sandeep Neeralagi, an orthopedic surgeon practicing in twin city of Hubli & Dharwad. The camp started at 10:30 a.m and winded up by 5:45 p.m. with half hour lunch break. About 150 people, ( 60 men and rest women ) took the advantage of the camp.
Dr. Neeralagi explained the necessity of of awareness regarding BDM. It was very informative as we never knew the importance of bone health which ultimately causes osteoporosis a “Silent Attacker” as it doesn’t show outward symptoms at early stages. That’s where this camp comes in handy, as it helps early detection thus preventing the onset of osteoporosis. A very important issue he made us aware of was that this sort of camp is most helpful for people aged 25& above, as if detected early , so much can be done to bring back the bone condition to normal. He also said that after the age of 45 for women and 60 for men the Detoriated condition cannot be revived back but can be surely stagnated delaying or rather avoiding further loss. He explained all the important aspects, reasons, prevention & cure regarding osteoporosis for about an hour. He stressed on making morning walk a regular habit with one and all. Even after his lecture when people were taking their BDM Reports for personal consultancy he was very patient, in spite of fact that Doctors find such high magnitude camp very difficult for personal consultation. Dr. Neeralagi single handedly consulted every member without bothering about the time. We sincerely thank him for that. Most important this cam can be conducted only once a year. 
The camp was arranged by Mahila Mandal, Hubli in co-ordination with Mr. Manohar, an official of Novarties India Ltd. Was a huge success , very informative with everyone learning how to take care of there bone health. 
My sincere request to the readers of this site, please conduct such camps in our community if not done before. This would help the community at large as to how to take care and prevent fractures in minor day to day falls and accidents. Most importantly youngsters aged from 15 to 25 years should be very much educated about this, so that their later years they do not face the hazards of poor bone health. Prevention is better then cure. So always take care of your selves.
“ Even a 90 year old human can have a healthy bone and prevent fractures in minor accidents ” --- Dr. Sandeep Neeralagi.  

Mahila Hitwardhak Mandal ( June Meeting )
Mahila Hitwardhak Mandal, Hubli in their meeting during the month of june , did what women lov e doing the best- cooking. We had arranged for a demonstration of khaman dhokla and jalebis.
It was wonderfully demonstrated by Smt. Chetnaben Narendra Momaya,  a Mandal member herself, who is very good cook and also has a very good hand at all the work. She taught them so well that we all felt Ah ! their making is so easy !!! Everybody enjoyed & learnt the art of making really fluffy dhoklas & crispy jalebis. Attendance for the cooking demo was also quite large. We also conducted “ Mango slicing ( pices) with decoration competition where in smt Poonam Mayur Desai bagged the first prize.
In the project “ A handful of grain for needy “ wherein every member brings a handful of already decided & announced food grain / fruit etcand the collected lot goes to the needy. This month as the end of mango season was nearing, every member was asked to bring a mango & about 50 mangoes were given away.
We also arranged for two games, two health tips , two beauty tips, two household tips, which is one regular monthly feature.And last but not the least, all the members whose birthdays or anniversary comes in june together arranged for a dhokla / jalebi snak party for all the members. Had fun..
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