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Mahila Hitvardhak Mandal, Hubli celebrated India's 65th Independence day with a couple of interesting competitions and games related to the day.The playing of patriotic songs ignited patriotism  in everybody. Dr.Mrs.Mala Manikant Lodaya voiced her opinion on what according to her freedom means.She very beautifully expressed that the saffron color stands for sacrifice which is not supposed to be propagated so she had brought a saffron coloured kerchief hidden in he palms of her hand, depicting that sacrifices are not to be displayed,she was dressed in white to show that peace should be everywhere and green for her is the sign of prosperity in the guise of her green duppatta,very close to her heart.She also said that today we should all strive to gain freedom from the vices like negative emotions,greed,selfishness etc., which are the enemies within us. 

The president too spoke of her opinion .Freedom to her today is about the upliftment of  our community. And taking the first step   in this direction  she wanted the community members to be benefitted from the gruha udyog ,Hubli, by making the items sold at a concessional rate. All the members supported this move. As for the competitions there was a "Tricolour cooking competition" and "Tricolour dressing competition'. About 9  and 7 members participated in the competitions respectively. Every member brought forth a wonderfully different dish making it difficult for the judges---Mrs.Deepika Kamlesh Khona and Mrs.Poonam Mayur Desai --- to come to a conclusion, finally deciding on two first prizes and two second prizes.The first prize was won by Mrs.Sheela Khona  (Tirangi pulaav with kurma) and Mrs.Jayshree Gogri (Tirangi ras malai). The second place was shared by Mrs.Jinisha Patel (Tirangi sandesh with shahi rasgulla) and Mrs.Chetana Narendra Momaya (Tirangi toast mava basket). The 1st prize for the best dressing went to Mrs.Smita Lodaya. There were three games to be played in teams, and every member took part and thoroughly enjoyed. Everyone then danced to the tune of patriotic songs. Mrs.Chhaya Khona brought tirangi laddus for everyone thus winding up the celebrations on a very sweet note. Jai Hind!!!  

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