Posted by : KDO

Mother Earth
Lucky are we, to have a life in this wonderful earth. We are provided by water, nature, and food to live a happy life. We have thousands of other living things along with the human race, that are a part of the Mother earth who deserve the same things as we do. 
Human beings to satisfy his need want and demand, are mercilessly destroying the mother earth, eating living things that are a part of this earth, polluting it in the name of business. Calamities like earthquake, tsunami are frequently happening causing danger to the Human race, and why not? After all what has this human race given in return, killing animals in the name of food, polluting water, polluting air, nothing has been spared, natural calamities are curse to the human race for its doings. Seeing the scenario if not on 12-12-2012, there will be a huge disaster coming our way. It’s high time, the “developed economies” instead if initiating for technology, should take the initiative in enhancing nature and save the nature until it’s TOO LATE. 

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