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As per the principles of Jainism, “ Adhaar Abhishek ” removes impurity & brings serenity, tranquility & piousness all around. It is believed that many years ago, famine in Gujarat was prevented by carrying out “Adhaar Abhishek” on all the Jain temples of Shree Shatrunjay Mountain of Palitana, in Gujarat. Besides, the objective of this ceremony is to create purity of atmosphere and to create unity, harmony & peace among the people of whole world, thereby re-establishing religious empire of Lord Mahavir, leading to cleansing of every soul & provide strength to repel attacks on mankind, country, culture & religion.

The second day of Dhwaja Mohotsav was carried out with Shree Adhaar Abhishek Pooja at 8:30 a.m. Many bhagyashaali gnatijans got a chance to participate in this pooja. Along with the whole pooja gnatijans also enjoyed the melodious stavans sung by Vidhikaar. Almost every gnatijan who was present got a chance to participate in the Pooja. The pooja was followed by Swamivatsalya Jeemanvaar at Mayfair by Shree Mulji Khetshi Gosar parivaar towards the many tapasya and sidhi tap of sushree Bayaben Gosar.  
Bhakti Bhaavna started at 8:30 p.m. in derasrji where gnatijans enjoyed the stavans and also got the glimpse of Aangi decoration.

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