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In Order to address the racing developments in the Internet and computer society Shree Mahila Hithwardhak mandal, on Saturday the 30th of April, 2011 organized a seminar for its members to teach the uses of internet , E-mail & social Networking like Facebook. The Seminar lasted for around 2 hours where in, Shri Binoy Momaya helped the members by teaching them to use the Websites like Gmail, Facebook etc. The Hithwardhak mahila mandal always keeps supporting its members with teaching them new things and keeping them in pace with the world.

The President ,  Smt. Mitalben Patel said, Having Knowhows about Internet , Email and Social networks like Facebook is very important for the women of our samaj to stay in touch with happenings of samaj, Its people  and Moreover, the rest of the world.  

The process of imparting the knowledge about the said topics will further be continued with periodically organized meets where personal guidance will be given to each and every interested member.

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