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The KDO Youth Forum organized a One day Pilgrim trip and visited all temples in and around Hubli. This trip was organized on 8th May 2011. A Total of 90 Gnatijans had participated.

Starting from Mayfair Auditorium, 2 busses carrying our gnatijans visited 10 Derasars as follows

1.  Shree Ajitnath Jain Mandir, Kanchagar oni
2.  Shree Shantinath Jain Mandir, Kanchagar oni
3.  Shree Sumthinaath Jain Mandir , Madhuban
4.  Shree Nakoda Jain Mandir, Keshwapur
5.  Shree Sheetalnaath Jain Mandir, Shanti Nagar
6.  Shree Vasupujya Jain Mandir, Kusugal Road
7.  Shree Adinath Jain Mandir, Kusugal Road
8.  Shree Sambhavnaath Mandir, Hosur,
9.  Shree Paraswa Padmalaye , Gabbur
10.Shree Navgraha Teerth, Varur

The lunch was organized at Shree Paraswa Padmalaye followed by a short rest, after which our gnatijans visited Shree Navgraha Teerth,

Later , The gnatijans moved to Disney Land Of Shree Maheshbhai Velji Dand where in, all our gnatijans enjoyed the delicious snacks, the ambiance of the place and the fun of all the rides.

Finally, the Pilgrimage ended after the busses dropped the Gnatijans back at Mayfair Auditorium at around 6:30 p.m..

The President of Youth Forum Shree Amar Momaya thanked Shree Maheshbhai Dand and said that the Youth Forum was thankfull to the sponsors , donors , the gnatijans who participated and encouraged the youth forum and also requested for the same support and encouragement in future.

To View the Event Pictures CLICK HERE

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