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The long awaited Samaj`s website i.e. gets a official launch on 16.04.2011. The website was inaugurated by President,  Shri  Bharatbhai B. Khimji. More around 160 gnatijans participated in the launch.

The president Shree Bharatbhai B. Khimji congratulated Shree Binoy Momaya and said “ I am very happy with the website and it will be very helpful for the KDOs all over the world .  Its been prepared in a short time and he has come out with the wonderful website. The main thing is, he updates it even if he is not in town . This website will help the samaj and its members "

Shri Binoy Momaya Explains the website as under 
The First thing which everyone would notice as soon as they visit the website is the stavan  which plays automatically.
The main Page i.e. "Home Page"  displays all the ongoing functons , events , videos , photos and summary. With all this events summary there is also a Share and comment tag for the visitors to write about that particular event.

The second page " Trust Board " Displays the commitee of our samaj.

The Third page
" Knowledge Centre "  spreads the Facts and Figures about jains, Jainism and Tirthankars. This page will be updated regularly and as and when we get some new information.

The fourth page
" Guest book "
is desgined specially for the visitors to suggest improvements of website. they need not call us , sms us , or email us for suggesting. All they have to do is enter there name, place , comments and submit..

The Fifth Page
" History"
Takes us 120 years back and shows all all the history of the samaj,derasarji and the activites...

The 6th Page
" Jeevan Chakra "
Displays the Births , Engagements, Marraiges and Sad Demise. i.e. Janam , Sagpan , Lagan and Maran.

The 7th Page
Displays the samaj notices / Announcements.
In Addition to this samaj will get Announcments on there registered cell number and email.

The 8th Page " Gnati Speaks " is the only page which will be run by our Gnatijans..
You can share ur views , Articles, Jokes, Short Stories etc. Let the 500 active users know what you have to say.

The 9th Page
"Live Chat" is designed for Gnatijans, Groups like trust board, Youth Forum , Mahila Mandal etc. the memebrs can sit at home and have a online meeting / Conference.

The 10 Page
" KDO Turks"

Displays the acdemic and other achivemts of our gnatijans. visitors can also see there results and certificates.

How can you help ??
Contribute articles for " Gnati Speaks Page "  Be a facebook member on this website`s Facebook community. While we are working hard to improve the website and add many more usefull information into it, we also request you to help us out in making the website more informative.. suggest for improvements,, give us any info related to Kutchi samaj,, Suggest You Relatives to view this website for updates about hubli mahajan. tell them to be a member on our facebook community.
Going ahead, We have decided to Put a online crossward which will be published by us in cordination of Shri Nitinbhai Mota. Right now we just have two writters Bijoy Momaya and Darshan Lalka. We need support from others too.

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