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Since its formation , The Mahila Hitwardhak Mandal has grown to address a wide verity of topics and share the knowledge of various fields with its nearly 150 members. 

In order to effectively address the growing activity level and match the standards, the Mandal has formed a new committee on 28th of January 2011. The coronation ceremony was held at Mayfair Auditorium where the old committee members handed over the posts to the new members.

The new mandal primarily will focus on existing work of supporting Gruha Udhyog and will continue to organize the periodical activities to maintain the growth.

The New Committee Board 
 President        --    Smt. Mittalben Patel

Vice President --    Smt. Kashmiraben Patel

Secretary        --    Smt. Ritaben Dand

Jt. Secretary  --    Smt. Chayaben Khona

Treasurer       --    Smt. Yogitaben Maisheri

Jt. Treasurer  --    Smt. Chetnaben Lodaya        

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