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My Journey from Ramayan to Pavitra Rishta 

I recollect my childhood days when every Sunday i used to stick to the TV set to watch the Mythological Heroes Ram & Laxman & the Hanuman Gang. And when the Ravan's plan used to go flop in the battle field, i used to be happy than anyone else on this Earth. lol.. yeah, i was an insane follower of Ramayan Serials coz of the theme which was related to wars and some RAJNIKANT kind of Super Powers :P lolzzz :))) Being a kid, i used to imagine what would have happened in the past when Ram & Laxman really existed. The Hanuman Gang was my all time favourite :-) Man they really used to get the hell out of the Ravan's gang :-) This is what i used to start off my Sundays with.
Another TV show was "Shaktimaan" :-) I guess it was a Saturday telecast. We had a half-day school from 8:30am to 12:00pm and this show Shaktimaan was scheduled at 12:30pm. It was something relating to a man who again had RAJNIKANT kind of powers :P He was a News Reporter by  profession, but he soon turned to Shaktimaan when there was something wrong going around. :-) I used to love this serial too but now i know that it was a bull shit lol :P :P
Later on i got busy with studies & tutions as i progressed to higher standards and soon i had to let go my addictions to this TV serials. I was growing up and i could not find time to catch up with these TV shows. Moreover, i had lost my interest from TV due to studies pressure and my new addiction Cricket was on the high too. Then, i used to get back to TV only for watching news or watching a Cricket Match. Watching a movie on TV or in theater is still a joke for me :)) i'm not interested in movies, but yeah, in my free time, i plug in my ear phones n listen some music for hours together. But now when i look at the present generations, i find all this very different and unimaginable.. :-) The kids now are much interested in Shiela ki jawani and Munni badnaam hui :P hehehehe.. Things have really changed alot. No one watches Ramayan now. :-) Kids grow up watching Ekta Kapoor's endless serials. These family serials have really destroyed the thinking caliber of todays generation.
I made a point to watch a few episodes recently to see how do they celebrate the Beautiful Holi festival. All the serials had something or u can say everything bad in it. The Saas plans to mix bhaang in Bahu's glass of milk and then the Bahu acts in a funny way in front of whole society which leads to fights between the Husband & Wife.  Holi festival is so very beautiful but these serials and TV shows have projected a wrong message to the present generation. No one knows why Holi or Diwali is celebrated. But everyone knows how will Saas plan to destroy Bahu's image in society. :P :P Some kids these days are so fast that they come up with unique plans favouring either the Saas or the Bahu. lolzz :))) The serial named Pavitra Rishta is kind of joke to me because the Bahu had 2 husbands and still call the relation as Pavitra Rishta :P lol.. The only thing i like about Pavitra Rishta is its shooting location - Dombivli, Mumbai :-))))))))))))))))
We did not have computers and facebook in our childhood. And the big problem now is that the present generation has ;-) Students plan Saamuhik School/College Bunk online on facebook ! Well, i would say its an advantage ;-) coz i liked bunking too :) hehehehe. Todays generation are growing up amongst the Multi-Crore Scams, The Earthquakes, The Recessions, IPL, Sheila, Munni and the all time gr8 RAJNIKANT and many more things which are so strange and unbelievable. I don't know what must be going on in the intellectual minds of this generation. People now fall in luv to soon and break off sooner ;-) But i feel that the things should go on as they are going now. The Generation Next should keep on bringing changes. I sometimes wonder how i could survive my Journey from Ramayan to Pavitra Rishta.
Things where really simple when Apple & Blackberry were just fruits. :-)))))

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